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EFI Xw Wideband Amplifier

Price $239.95


  • Enables NGK/NTK Wideband Lambda Control
  • Professional level sensors with precision lambda readings
  • Lambda range from .635 to 1.875λ (9.33 - 27.56 A/F Ratio)
  • Available with single or dual lambda sensor inputs
  • NGK L1H1/L2H2 sensor compatible offering superior accuracy and life
  • Integrates seamlessly with EFI hardware and software
  • Small, light, and compact extruded aluminum housing
  • Easy to add to any EFI engine control unit for closed loop control
  • Can be used for data logging through any analog 0-5v channel
  • No free air sensor calibration needed
  • Low power consumption

Actual weight 102 g

431 Park Industrial Dr. La Habra, CA 90631 USA (562) 694-2226

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